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Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd.(富士ゼロックス株式会社, Fuji Zerokkusu Kabushiki-gaisha) is a joint venture partnership between the Japanese photographic firm Fujifilm Holdings (75%) and the American document management company Xerox (25%) to develop, produce and sell xerographic and document-related products and services in the Asia-Pacific region. Its headquarters are in Midtown West in Tokyo Midtown, Akasaka, Minato, Tokyo, Japan. Fuji Xerox is the world's longest-running joint venture between a Japanese and an American company.

According to ARN News, Fuji Xerox Australia has launched legal action in the Federal Court against two former executives in the local market, including former managing director Neil Whittaker, over the company’s so-called “inappropriate” accounting scandal.

The litigation follows a case launched by Fuji Xerox New Zealand against former senior executives — initially unnamed — following the fallout of the company’s A$450 million (NZ$472 million) “inappropriate” accounting scandal. According to a 2018 report by the Otago Daily News, the three former executives, in that case, were Gavin Pollard, Mark Alright and Whittaker.

In 2017, Fuji Xerox parent Fujifilm Holdings told the Tokyo Stock Exchange a loss of NZ$284 million as a result of improper accounting in New Zealand had blown out to NZ$472 million after inappropriate practices were uncovered in Australia as well.

Now, Whittaker, who was managing director of Fuji Xerox Australia from 2015 to 2016 and who previously headed up the company's New Zealand business, has been named in a legal action launched in the Federal Court of Australia by Fuji Xerox’s local Australian business.

Other parties named in the litigation include Devlin Bell, who was Fuji Xerox Australia’s CFO and business services executive general manager between 2013 and 2017.


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Former Employee - Account Manager says

"Too much workload for documentation"

Current Employee - Programmer says

"Poor management style. blame the staffs for not OT. Managers are irresponsible and blame the junior staffs. do not communicate well with client."

Former Employee - Manager says

"Poor top management that is mostly talk but no visible results, especially HR and Marketing team. Lots of backstabbing and stealing of credits. Favouritism runs deep. Self serving people. Bootlickers and suck ups plenty, even at senior managerial levels. Culture getting worse."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Software Development Team - Low Standards - Don't care about other person if they need survive and push you to your edge - Leaders / Managers are not skillsets - No budgets - Horrible office bullies and too much politics - Backstabbing - Winning awards are always fake - Low salary and increment is also very low for good employee - Unfair management - Annual leaves are not incorrect - Hidden agenda - Bad management and leadership with audit and compliance issues Sadly, there are many poor, competent people doing good work who are suffering in silence. Some left because of this unfair treatment. If you want to get promoted, no need to work hard and start catching the balls"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"No Work Life Balance and Funny Top Management runs company"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Everything looks good on the surface with lots of "fun & team building" activities. Horrible office politics across business units, sales and departments, no control of staff. Office bullying, dysfunctional and toxic colleagues, marketing department acts like spoilt brats, rolling eyes, gossiping during meetings, adults acting like kids. Don't bother going to the HR/management when being disrespected, management supports bad behaviour, no point bringing up to HR, high turnover. You will somehow be blamed or punished for it. Ironically, the company provides induction saying that bullying is not acceptable in the organisation. Accept poor communication, don't believe in the "nice' reviews you see here by the company's bootlickers. Be ready to hear juicy stories dug out of irrelevant people's lives, not sure if true or false. Do yourself a favor, avoid this toxic place. Lack of leadership, poor organisation structure. Digital transformation? lots of BS and sound competency words with no real technical competencies."

Former Employee - Slave says

"- so called sales/consultants who are not doing their jobs but carrying balls. - contracts that are detrimental to the company. - You want to get promoted, dont need to work hard, start carrying balls. - bullies that push you to your edge. - salary is at the lowest spectrum of your profession. - ever increasing workload. Expected to work late after office hours."

Current Employee - Account Manager says

"poor supervisor and low pay"

Account Manager says

"To many to mention. Management issues. Service issue and billing issues."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"working hour over 12 hours a day"

Data Entry / Supervisor / Verification entry (Former Employee) says

"Worst experience of my life as a temporary data entry/Supervisor. Fuji Xerox management were varied, but several were unnecessarily officious and incredibly rude. Understood they are under time pressure, but that is just unacceptable in this day and age. It’s micro managed and run like the slave trade. Data entry training was not thorough, so no body really understands whether they are entering information accurately or not. Initial direction is misleading by being told accuracy was more important than speed. Then 3 days in a bunch of us were laid off for being too slow. I was not even doing data entry, because I was supervising staff and jumping up and down to help staff, and put my hand up to help out in scanning for one of the 3 days, so where they get their speed figures from I don’t know, but they are definitely not correct in my case, because I didn’t even do data entry per say. I will never do this time of work again. And yes, I am a disgruntled employee indeed.NoneOther temp staff were great"

Data Entry Operator (Former Employee) says

"micro management treated staff like robots no human rights no respect feel like a jail really poor in OHS really poor in HR no one to report to no improvement"

lackey (Current Employee) says

"Fuji Xerox's DMS site is a modern day sweatshop. Clients such as the ATO and the AEC subcontract the work that is then once again subcontracted to people that do not understand what their role is as they are yoyoed from one role within the building to another depending on what the floor managers decide they feel like doing on the day. No one is given an end time for their shift, there are no rosters and we therefore live in limbo until someone wanders around and tells us we're either leaving in an hour or that we're staying back for 4 and a half. This to me is highly highly unprofessional and does nothing but flush the morale of staff and make them resentful of management and the role itself with no overtime given. I watch people in data entry get verbally abused by (seeing as i'm not allowed to name names, she is the data entry supervisor with short dark hair and a heavy build) on a daily basis, to the extent of vague physical threats such as "I will have your head" which again I believe is INSANELY unprofessional and unacceptable in or outside the workplace whether people are making mistakes or not. Only one of my supervisors can speak fluent english which has made it ridiculously hard to work with (on both ends) and ask questions, as I will ask a question and they end up more confused than I was in the first place and I eventually have to just hope for the best and hope the process I had was the correct one as its not my job to decipher and translate a language I don't speak in a predominantly english speaking country. No communication whatsoever betweennoneSweat shop, nasty management, lack of training, unrealistic expectations, passive aggression, lack of communication, zero morale, reprimanded for doing what you're told"

Team Leader (Former Employee) says

"The threatment is based on your relationship with the management, especially their HR manager. Sometimes they will judge you baselessly without any fact. No point showing them any proof or documents in regards of your performance even though your customer loves you. When they say you fail, you fail. Certain manager can even fabricates the so call prove just to bring one down, and HR is accepting them without further investigation.Salary wise is higher than other BPOThey don't operate based on facts."

Data Entry Officer (Former Employee) says

"We were employed over the taxation period to assist in data entry and document prep for the taxation office. Whilst promised full working days e.g. 7am-3pm for a stint of 8 weeks, the days we did work were often cut short by 4-5 hours and for the weeks there was "limited work" we were asked to come in for 3 hours only one day a week for the last 3 weeks! Staff were quite rude, treating most of us as incompetent when in actual fact a lot of us were hard working and well educated University student on break from our courses and hoping to gain some extra cash. Will not every return."

Customer Service Engineer (Current Employee) says

"Favouritism occurs in the company whereby some staffs move up the promotion ladder faster than older working staffs in the company. Very stagnant and not a challenging jobscope."

Marketing Manager (Former Employee) says

"모든 부서는 영업팀 서포트 위주의 성격으로 진행되고 분위기는 본사의 과도한 실적 압박으로 인해 별로 좋지는 않음.없음실적 압박, 영업이 갑"

Web Developer (Former Employee) says

"The job scope is boring. The deadline is tight. The way of working is too convention and tradition. Too much restriction. No WiFi. No freedom."

Administrative Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Just to have an experience to have a job, I grab it even its only for project based and it will only took me 3months in the company but my teammates are very supportive and niceno overtimeregular working hours"

Sales Manager - Production Printer (Former Employee) says

"Questinable security of tenure. Top management inclination is more on vertical market. This is the main reason why Graphic Communications Group or Graphic Arts Department having hard time to sell production printer. Lack of knowledge in printing industry management couldn't speak the same language with our group."

Machine Assembler / Parts Retriever (Former Employee) says

"my job start at 8am-5pm, taking emails of parts request from service engineer from different location of the country. Verifying stocks availability and it's location, taking out used parts from used xerox machine if no stock available then sending it to the service engineers that requested it."

Nhân viên (Current Employee) says

"Học hỏi được những điều từ nhỏ nhặt nhất trong tác phong làm việc của người Nhật, đem lại hiệu suất làm việc cao, có được hiệu quả cao nhấtchế độ xã hộiLương bổng, chế độ thăng chức"

Account Supervisor - Global Services (Current Employee) says

"Do as I say not do as I do culture, more interested in FXA policy than actual customer focused service. You get moved around diferent sites whether you like it or not.Hard to find a ProLots of travel badly mismanaged."

Sales Account Manager (Current Employee) says

"As a branch, we are independent and we multitask. Teamwork is important. To be unbias, fair, and willing to take extra responsibility. Treat each other with respect at all times. Thank you for helping me to grow as a person personally and professionally."

Account Supervisor/Service Delivery Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Great to work with great people, but the management team as a whole lack vision, guidance and emotional intelligence. The whole working experience was tarnished by very unfair and unjust management Hierarchy."

IT Support (Former Employee) says

"-manageable work load -remote IT support, customer service, project management -promotion not based on merits -office politics -set the record KPI, yet unappreciated by management -fun colleaguesenjoyable colleaguesoffice politics"

Solution Specialist (Current Employee) says

"Meeting with opportunity clients visiting end of service accounts. Technology are great very advance in technology specially in Multifunction Devices. Management is good employees needs to have a broad understanding about the business specially in sales and the technology we had employee need to understand I.T. and how to explain the technology clearly to the client and potential clients. I enjoy a lot working with the business owner and co-employees.Laptop is provided, software applications for work are provided and transportation is reimbursable.Long travel, no free lunch, car is sharing sometimes no car available for travel that makes a sales people tired"

Senior Manager (Former Employee) says

"A typical day at work is to start on time and depending how many meetings to attend, may not leave home on time. I have to get along with people as information are needed from them. The management style is Japanese management culture and includes work place as well. Hardest part of the job is not knowing how to do it and no help from others. The most enjoyable part of the job is resolving issues and your counterparts sent a thank you note to you.The benefits are rather generous.Long hours including Login from home to read emails or doing some work."

Key Account Manager (Current Employee) says

"At Fuji Xerox, I typically do many follow up work for accounts which I've previously visited or proposed. I will often setup meeting with client which I am in contact with in regard to their potential project. I also spend a good amount time cold calling companies which rejected me previously.If I received an inquire then I will also require to prepare detail proposal for my client and also setup meeting to do an in person presentation. At the end of the day, I will always input all my activities back into the CRM system. In this company, I've learned how to really drill deep into an issue or create additional sales opportunity. Also, I've learned how to cooperate with varies teammate from different department to complete a project. Since I am in the Key Account team, my management is quite lenient to me but I am required to report all the detail from a project in timely manner. My co-workers are also very friendly and helpful so I try my best to help them whenever I can. In return, I have learned about their approach to an issue or client so it helps me to better understand what works and what doesn't work. The hardest part of the job is that since I am in Key Account team so most of the clients are not our client yet. Therefore, it is difficult to setup a meeting with them as they often refuse to meet. However, I never take no as an answer and I often try various method to penetrate a company. The most enjoyable part of the job would be the variety type of businesses which I need to approach and sell them our product.NoneHealthcare"

Data Entry/ Processing Ballot Papers for 2019 coming Elections (Former Employee) says

"I enjoyed working here but it was only a contract position. It was a very clean, well organised environment to work at. Everyone was well respected."

Meredith says

"Shocking company. Website hard to negotiate making it easy to make errors, then they charge 15% ‘handling fee’ for returns. What other internet company actually charges you for returns?? My appeal to have this waived, as a returning customer, fell on robotic ears. Never again. Go elsewhere where they don’t sting you for exchange - plenty of other options."

Paul Rix says

"NEVER USE THESE PEOPLE .. they advertise products they don't have and then don't refund the money after you make payment."

Chris N.G says

"This company is just untrustworthy, I was sent the wrong cartridge and was told that because I ordered the wrong one, they will replace it for 50% less. This is an unopened cartridge. Although their database search pointed me to this cartridge, they seems to ignore the fact that it was their database that made the mistake. Never again will I deal with this company "HOT TONER" just a ripoff. There are not trying to solve the problem but how much more money they can rip you off. Disappointing for a company to behave in this manner in Australia."

Customerhelen collins says

"my son was sceptical that i could receive ink through epson over the internet and he was right i find them very unreliable and corrupt"

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